How Google Glass Could be Used in Education – An Infographic

Hi again after my short break from blogging!  I am perplexed I was exceptionally busy sitting my last year college exams (and am satisfied to state I accomplished a top of the line respects) and afterward I ventured out to Brazil for the World Cup.  I thought I’d share this awesome infographic with you as my first post back, appreciate and as dependably please share your musings in the remarks section.  Click the infographic for a bigger, intuitive rendition.

How Google Glass may be utilized as a part of    Education – An infographic by the group at Open Colleges

As should be obvious there are numerous ways that Google Glass technology could be utilized to improve training and update learning for the 21st Century.  It likewise fits in with a portion of the other instructive developments we have talked about already on the blog, for example, Flipped Classrooms, Project Based Learning, Multiple Learning Styles and so on.  As usual, it is an innovative device that doesn’t give every one of the appropriate responses, however close by these educational movements too as Gamification, Games Based Learning et cetera, instruction could fit more with the 21st Century world and truly advantage understudies… what’s more, educators.

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