Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Supports Games Based Learning

I’ve always been an admirer of Bill Gates. “Why?

Firstly, he’s a geek come good, and also to us geeks, that alone is sufficient. Secondly, and most of all, having amassed huge wealth, he’s giving it away through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

So what’s this all got to do with a games based learning site. These investments support the growth of game-based learning software; mathematics, English language, science and arts curricula built into electronic formats; learning through social media platforms; and embedded assessments through a real time and engaging environment of journeys and experiences.

“Technology has progressed how we do so many things now,” stated Vicki L. Phillips, Director of Education, College Ready, in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “Yet, rather than altering our schools, technology has generally been put on top of antiquated models. These new cutting-edge software have the capacity to inspire pupils and engage them in how they naturally learn.”

Bill is a visionary, well aside from the fact he did not initially understand the value of the net, so if matches based learning is very good for him then it’s good for us mere mortals, I mean pawns, err dumb terminal customers, no prepared consumers (that is what we are). Oh go on send me a copy of “Anarcho-syndicalist Guide to Not Seeking an Hypocrite When Waging Class War with the Help of Capitalist Technology”.

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