Weed Rolling Games—Pass Time Not Pass the Time

Introduction: Those days are over when a group of people drink beer and challenge each other, and everybody has a different set of rules for the party. Now, we got Weed rolling games as a new trend after when the government has legalized marijuana in Colorado. Now every party includes alcohol and cannabis as their primary stuff.

Moreover, with time, smoking has also changed, and people are getting creative as they got different rolling methods, tobacco, and weed card game to fly high. This is not only for getting high but enjoying partying with friends. Now people don’t stock up pre-rolled joints, but playing roll a joint game in which they concentrate on making the best joint roll.

Weed Rolling Games—Pass Time Not Pass the Time

There are plenty of weed rolling games available from different parts of the country all over the world. People have a different set of rules, traditions, and cultures to enjoy their joint. After researching the Internet, here are the best smoking games played in different regions.


In this, people sit in a circle with readymade joints and put their heads down looking at their feet. They look up and stare their opponent players on the count of three. If a player is looking at the player who is not looking back, then they are safe. But if they have eye contact, then they must shout Medusa and hit the joint.

The Lighter Game

This game is like the hay-stack in which players put and balance the lighter on the finger top. Next, they toss the lighter to the friend, who must catch the lighter on top of their finger. This process continues, throwing the lighter from side to side, making the eye and hand coordination. It helps in building concentration levels while you are enjoying jointly.

Mexican Sweat

This game has many names, but the rules are the same everywhere. All friends gather and form a circle and play weed rolling game. The first person takes a hit, he/she has to hold the smoke in and pass the joint to an adjacent friend in the circle either clockwise or anti-clockwise. The main objective of this game is to hold the intake smoke until the joint comes back to you in a circle. If you exhale the smoke, then you are out from the competition and rest keeps on playing.

Mario Kart and Kush

This is the best Smoking Weed Games just like a drinking game in which you must run and drink and finish the drink before finishing the race. Now drink is replaced with weed joint, and rules will be the same for joint. A player might face challenges while playing this game as if they cough, they have to stop racing or if they go off the track. This will increase the smoking experience with fun.


This is based on the favorite song of Bob Marley Jammin in which player has to take a puff whenever jamming comes in song. The condition is the song must play at the start of the game, and the last person wins; it does not leave any jamming word and takes puff all the time. This the best weed game rated till now.

Elevated Jenga

This game is like picking a chit and act where people take a puff of the Weed and take out one chit and operate what is written on it. This is the best weed game as it increases the interaction and fun because no one knows what act he/she had to perform. Only imagination will help here to write something spontaneous and exciting.

Ash Bomb

This is another simple yet exciting game to play. First, everybody has to roll a joint and lit it up. The objective is not to drop the ash during the turn, if the ash falls, then you are out. In this role a joint game, the last standing person is the winner.

Heads Up

This is the digital app available on the app stores or plays stores, which you can download on the phone. This smoking Weed Game somehow looks like charades. Once you install the app, it will work as:

•    Organize the people in two groups

•    Now you have to choose the deck like movies, celebrities, place mane, accents, animals, etc.

•    Read the description of the pack and tap on the play button.

•    Now show the screen to your friend without looking at it, and your friend will give you hints to guess what is on the screen by action.

•    If you will think it correctly put the phone down

•    If you cannot think the word, keep the phone up.


Weed Rolling Games—Pass Time Not Pass the Time
Weed Rolling Games—Pass Time Not Pass the Time

This weed card game came into existence when people used to call Weed a grass, but you can still find it in game shops. Weed Card Game Rules are like, it will turn the players into weed dealers, and by stealing the Weed from another person or putting the drug peddling on heat can finish the game. This way you can win this game. The objective of this game is to make dollars by hustling Weed online. 

Quiplash on Jackbox

It is an online smoking weed game where everyone answers the funny questions that appear on the screen. The answer appears on the screen on TV or laptop or desktop. Download the jack box application on to the computer, PlayStation or Xbox and select the game and login to play.


The motive of creating this game to keep the player active while intaking the marijuana concentrates. They can enjoy the free disc golf while smoking. This kind of smoking weed game keeps the user engaged, but one needs to follow some rules.

•    Before throwing the disc, the player must take one puff of joint.

•    Or the team can finish the whole joint before while playing

•    Every throw count and each player make sure to throw and dab to gain the score.

•    More than two players can play in the team, and each round must contain nine dabs and 18 baskets.

•    Collectively lowest scorer wins

Speed Joint Rolling

This rolling joint game needs few players that have one joint paper, an equal amount of smoke, marijuana, a judge, and a stopwatch. This will test the speed of rolling a joint. The game start when hitting the stopwatch to begin the game. The first player wins who will finish the joint making.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

We all have played this game in our childhood but after taking the shot, this will be exciting to play and hold the senses. Weed smoking game needs a large group of people in which one need to show hand signs for rock, paper, and scissors. One person will call out rock, paper, and scissor in a group and stop at one word. Then everyone will make that hand sign. The odd one will be out, and people continue playing. The last standing person will this game.

Jumpin’ Buds

This game includes trampoline and weed roll jumping together. The person has to smoke while jumping on the trampoline and the one who quits jumping while smoking will be out from this game. Each player will use their separate joint roll.

Stonick the Weedhog

This weed smoking game is about the collection of rings before the time ends. If the sweet air or barrel moves in the air, the player will earn the bonus point, and he/she will move to the bonus level. In this level person is left nearby dog park and let chased by the dogs.

Would You Rather

It is more like brain exercise rather than a physical game. It includes the building up scenarios and questions related to Weed. The best part is to take the directions, observe the, and answer it. It will require philosophical strength as well as instinctual approach, but more fun is guessing the correct answer. 

Weed Cards

Yes, it is correct! You need a deck of cards to play this game, shuffle the cards and place the only one card in front of each player. At each round, every player will get the new card. Now the part comes when a player will guess the rank of their latest card higher or lower than the previous card. After guessing, they will flip card facing up. If the player is correct, they will get the chance to drag one pipe, and if the player is wrong, they will not get the opportunity to drag pipe. You can flip the game rules as per need.

Stoner Cinema

Some people like to smoke while watching a movie, but the challenge is they have to burn it every time. So, the problem is to burn the next stash with the ongoing stash and the goal is to finish the stash before the movie finishes. In this game, the player should be awake, finish all the stash, and complete the movie.


Weed rolling games are better if played in a group because it can become a fantastic entertainment for people. The above games will not only enhance your concentration power but also increase activities while smoking joint.  Since it is legal in some countries, people love to enjoy it either way. Moreover, games prevent players from overdoing joint so that they can enjoy a fantastic time.


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