Technology is always inversely proportional to Work done. As technology increases our work done is decreasing. Whatever we want to do we can sit at home and we can rule the world outside with the technology. If we want to buy something, or if we want to sell something all people are going for online rather than going out and do work.

Now, I would like to explain how you can sell your play station. There are so many ways to sell a product and some of them are listed below:

Advertising is an old but effective method of selling a Play station. Daily newspaper, TV channels, pamphlets consist of so many advertisements and people who are interested to buy the product will contact us directly or visit website. Even though advertising costs it is a good attempt to sell a product. We cannot expect immediate result; if we can wait we will get good results with advertising.


Upselling means selling our product to the person who is already buying this product. When we go with this there will be no extra work and we can get immediate results. You no need to find customers and no need to worry about targets. This is also an effective method of selling Play station. Upselling will be easy once we are good with customer service.


There are so many internet services where we can sell our Play station. There will be no investment also, we can post an advertisement for free and we can post our number. Daily so many people will see the product and if they are also in search to buy our product, they will contact the number we have mentioned. Internet sales are reliable and secure and we can give the good description of our product along with specifications, price. Since it will be a home delivery option we can also include delivery charges.


This method is also old but effective. If we are selling our products and we are expecting people to buy our products, everyone should know that we are selling the products what they want. For that purpose display is compulsory. People will look at the display and then only they will approach us to buy products.


The workshop is one of the effective ways and It will cost but surely it will give good results. Because there may be so many people who do not know how to use play station or do not know its importance. For those kinds of people, we can create a small workshop where we can gather people and explain them in detail how to use the play station and how fun it will be using and its importance. So many people will get interested to buy our product in those kinds of workshops.


We can also use these social websites to faster approach to the audience. Everyone is familiar with social websites and once we post a message about our play station in the form of brochure like that, it will circulate very fast than we can expect. Interested people will contact us. In this method also immediate results are not possible. We need to wait for some time.


While we are browsing through our phones or computers sometimes we will get pop up messages of advertising some products. We can also follow this method to sell our products. This will cost but it will also give effective results.


This is one of the best ways to sell a product. People will go for the discounted product rather than the normal product. If a product is costing 500, if we keep the price of the product as 700 after discount as 600, people will go for discounted price, because the tendency of going for less price will be there in every individual. So we can give these kinds of offers to attract the audience.

Like this, there will be so many ways to sell a product. All depends on our communication skills and customer relation skills and how to make our product interesting and make it better. This will come from experience. Once we get into the field and start doing work automatically we can do the work and we can attract audience we can reach our goals. The best way to publicity for our product is customer satisfaction. If the customer is satisfied with our product he will recommend some people to buy our product. So the most important person is customer



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