Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is an action-packed adventure video game produced by Rockstar North studios and is an ‘open world’ game designed and published by Rockstar Games. This game was released almost five years ago and since its release, it has been loved by millions of people worldwide. In this virtual game, the player controls all of the three lead characters in single player mode all the time.


One out of the three characters can be selected during or after the completion of mission. The story or game play of GTA 5 focuses on robbery scenes and missions which mostly include shooting, gangster violence and even thrilling game play. Here are some of the easiest ways to start a business in GTA 5 online –

  1. GTA online weed farm –

One may surely imagine it seems funny to operate a farm of weed in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online game, but it’s worth acknowledging past the stoner humor sense.

Establishing up a weed farm in GTA Online is an excellent way to make some money through the new “Bikers” update. Weed is one of various kinds of drug markets you can surely be reliable and invest in. The weed farm will need little care and caution to grow.

  • As soon as you purchase or own a clubhouse, you can acquire businesses to establish your illegal empire.
  • Grow houses are the choice as well as the only opportunity if you wish to start a business of weed.
  • Purchasing the grow house is just the commencement, though.
  • The opportunity to build a weed farm in GTA Online has moved around since the Bikers extension hit.
  1. Become a Chief executive officer in GTA 5 Online –

For becoming a CEO, you will need an office. There are 4 to pick from and you are likely to spot them on sale during the time of Dynasty 8 Administrative website on your GTA phone.  Hope the user has got plenty of bucks piled up. Plenty of money is needed for buying

  • Maze Bank Tower for $4 million
  • Lombank West for $3.1 million
  • Arcadius Business Center for $2.25 million
  • Maze Bank West for $1 million dollars.

At this crucial stage, the user can also design the building with a gun cabinet, safe house, living sections, and furnishings. One can name the newly built firm and appoint an Executive Secretary to take supervision of troublesome chores like assembling Pegasus vehicles, arranging you a lift back to the building for free, buying free meals etc.

As a Chief executive officer you also now have the powers to hire Associates. This goes in much the equivalent was as a VIP carries bodyguards.

Why become a CEO and hire an Assistant of the CEO?

  • This is all for doing business and earning money. There are several benefits of the CEO in GTA 5. All the current VIP/Bodyguard will bring over to CEOs and assistants. Also purchasing assets (building, warehouses) unhitches distinct unique vehicles. One can even get a loyalty reward to payments for consecutive completion if unique Cargo missions. Playing and becoming a CEO in a virtual game like “GTA” is astonishing.
  • Millions of gamers have been entreating this mode for a few years, just to watch what occurs after the money roll when the users have finished their bloody rags-to-riches tale and worked from business of small-time scale to a high roller.
  1. Start the business of special Cargo shipment and complete mission –
  • For doing shipment business, one needs to buy a Special Cargo. For purchasing it, one must purchase tasks from the SecuroServ network in your facility. Make certain you have incorporated with you, as they will help you later and are multi-part tasks.
  • For every mission, the purchase will scale in the level of difficulty which depends on how diverse special Cargo shipment crates you wish to order; one (easiest), two or three (toughest).
  • There are a total of 20 buy tasks in sum, with each mission varying in different level of difficulty. The user is only rewarded for the number of shipment crates one deliver to the warehouse. If a shipment crate is mishandled or destroyed, you won’t get anything.

There is one single valuable special Item in each crate, but it’s as challenging as completing the shipment of about four Special Cargo crates.

  • Special Items are more costly for obvious reasons and are sold out for more money. You can only get a single Special crate containing the item in each warehouse at a single time. They comprise of a big diamond, precious rare hides, a pocket watch, an ornamental egg, etc.
  • Only one player at a time can operate one Special Cargo shipment crate at a particular time. One may even need to divide the worker team, or gather up and transport valuable items one after another.

Conclusion –

After several updates, GTA 5 is an amazing platform to engage in numerous fun activities to become richer. With plenty of money, one can buy different unique items and grow the assets available with you. There are several other hacks and mods available in GTA 5 online game to start an online business and become rich instantly.

Some another way to earn money is by participating in Treasure hunts, Tank battles, Gang attacks, The Vespucci Job opponent mode, Juggernaut death match, Bounty hunting, Motor Wars, Tiny Racers, Last Team Standing matches. One can try hands-on different things like Document Forgery, Counterfeit Cash Factory, running Methamphetamine Lab, Cocaine Lockup, custom bike shops, Gun locker, and clubhouses. Overall, one can grow several other business models in GTA 5 online game. Also, check – 評判が良いオンラインカジノ一覧

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