How to sell weapons in Warframe?

Get credit through selling weapons and inventory products in Warframe. Selling also let your precious inventory space clean. This process is quite easy and basic, once you get to know the steps. 

You get to know about trade ethics, where to trade, how to trade, how to make blueprints and most importantly how to make money through selling items.

Thing is you might find difficulties in dealing with the inventory weapons at first. So here you go easy with easy and quick steps. Follow the steps as mentioned.

 3 Easy and quick steps to sell

Step1: click on the menu icon.

  • Click on the Equipment tab, once you open the menu.
  • You will again get a secondary menu open.
  • From a whole lot of mesh, click on the inventory tab.

Step 2: Access the items from  inventory      

  • A whole lot of items including weapons, gear are now listed with the price.
  • You will see a notification for items you cannot sold.
  • Select an item, or select all you want to sell.
  • Now press the go button/key at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: Think before go

  • Things to keep in mind while managing your inventory is advisory.
  • Certain things do not provide much credit, like max level items/ gear/ frame/weapons.
  • Some items cannot be sold that include skin, helmets and most incubatic cosmetic material.
  • Almost every resource, derelict key, spectators, apothic blueprints, squad restores cannot be sold.

How to trade in Warframe?

You can trade either in dozos or maroo’s bazaar. Dozo is most common and preferred way of trading.

Most of the player trades either for platinum or game’s currency.

The clan dojo also let you barter with players of other clan and of your clan. If you trade for platinum you make real money.

How the sell weapons in Warframe?

Trading inventory items including Warframe weapon let you make real money.

You can exchange items with the member of your clan, to earn the game’s currency and platinum as well.

Your mastery rank decide how many trades you can do in a day and also to which product you are restricted to trade. To trade twice in a day you need to reach mastery level 2, by simply leveling war weapons to level 30.

When you reach the master mogul in Warframe you can access more trades features. There are three simple steps to sell war weapons that are mentioned above.

In Warframe, how to get rid of weapons?

If you want to clear your weapon and decided to have new. You do not need to buy rather you can barter. Follow the steps to clear the weapons

  • Go to the pause menu.
  • Go to inventory.
  • You will see the listed weapons in alphabetical order. Click on the weapon you want to sell to reach the bottom
  • Then click on sell to sell everything at the bottom.

Some wireframe selling blueprints

 There are some products you are restricted to sell, but you can go alternative to sell their blueprints. Blueprints are a carbon copy of weapons, sentinels, Warframe, helmet skin,orokin reactor, orokin catalyst. Purchasing them requires platinum means real money.

How to sell weapons in Warframe?

Avoid investing platinum instead make blueprints here are some ways to make blueprints without investing platinum.

Avoid investing platinum instead make blueprints here are some ways to make blueprints without investing platinum.

  • You can purchase by selecting an item and followed by a click on the credit icon.
  • Through replicating research technology from dozo clan.
  • Also through daily reward at the end of missing completion.
  • When you defeat the bus you get a chance to get blueprints.

How to sell blueprints in Warframe?

No, you cannot sell the regular weapons you can only destroy them through inventory. You can only vendor blueprints in 2500 or 3000. You can make blueprints but cannot sell them to other players rather you can destroy them through inventory.


Warframe is a video game on a social extent. Almost all of the items you find in your inventory are awarded after completion of the mission and from loot-shoot. You can make money by selling your inventory products. 

You can also make blueprints of product that you want to buy. But you cannot sell blueprints and some restricted products. I hope you come across all your doubts that matter through the article.

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