Graduated With A Gaming Degree? Here Are Jobs You Can Choose From

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar field that encompasses various disciplines. The field provides a lucrative career path for young people who are passionate about gaming. Artistic and coding skills are a must-have in succeeding in this profession.

If you’ve graduated with a gaming degree, here are the jobs that you can choose from:

1. Game Designer

This career is perfect for imaginative people who can conjure up new worlds that gamers can explore. As a game designer, you’ll be in charge of pitching ideas for the characters, setting, and story flow. Other responsibilities include producing prototypes and developing the product’s mechanics.

You’ll be part of a multidisciplinary team that encompasses technical and artistic aspects of game-making. You’ll be working with developers to ensure that the programming language matches the product and platform. Plus, you’ll also be coordinating with artists and animators to achieve the aesthetics and visuals that you want for the game.

2. Game Developer

If you’re more interested in broad programming skills, a career as a game developer might be a more ideal path for you. This job primarily entails writing code that allows consumers to enjoy the game through various platforms, such as PCs, dedicated consoles, browsers, and smartphones.

You’ll be working closely with game designers to ensure that the product stays true to their vision. You’ll take the design specifications and decide on the appropriate programming language to render it playable. Moreover, you should also be updated on artificial intelligence technology, which is valuable for programming non-player characters in the game.

The top programming languages used for game development include:

  • C# – A majority of game engines use C#’s XNA framework, which was developed by Microsoft. Its popularity may have been caused by its compatibility with Xbox or the Windows operating system.
  • C++ – It’s one of the more challenging programming languages to learn. However, lots of developers choose this programming language because it gives you more freedom and control concerning hardware and graphical processes.
  • Java – Java is considered as one of the best languages for game development because its code can be translated into generic bytecodes. This means that developers can use it to create games for any system.
  • JavaScript – For mobile gaming, you can use JavaScript to integrate your codes with HTML and CSS. This leads to cross-platform products.
  • HTML5 – HTML5 is best for web-based games. This markup language is ideal for beginners because you don’t need to understand complex programming algorithms to learn it.
  • SQL – This one is mainly used for the back-end database of the games. It allows players to access and update their profiles on the servers.

3. Concept Artist

While programmers handle the technical aspect of game development, concept artists bring the game designer’s characters and environments to life. Everything you see in a video game is painstakingly crafted by concept artists from scratch.

If you’re proficient in drawing or illustrating, you’ll most likely succeed in this profession. Your essential tools will be your imagination and artistic skill.

A concept artist’s style must match the vision of the designer and blend well with the creative project. Plus, you also need to know traditional and technological methods to make designs in 2D or 3D.

These are the three types of concept art, which you can specialize in:

  • Character – You primarily create human characters and need a thorough knowledge of human anatomy.
  • Creature – This aspect focuses on rendering non-human characters like animals, magical characters, and other otherworldly humanoids.
  • Environmental – Concept artists who specialize in this area focus on producing the details in the game’s world, from buildings to forests.

4. Animator

A video game animator creates an interactive game environment for players by combining art and technology. If you follow this video game career path, you’ll be in-charge of portraying movement and behavior in a game.

You must be adept at using graphics software to achieve the right aesthetics for the game. Being meticulous is also an advantage because character close-ups will require you to portray more subtle expressions to attain realistic results.


The video game industry is a lucrative field to start a career. After completing your gaming degree, you can choose to become a game designer if imagining new worlds is your strong suit.

For those who are more inclined to the technical side of game development, you can apply as a game developer. Artistically-inclined people, on the other hand, can choose between becoming a concept artist or an animator.

Choosing the right profession will require introspection and goal-setting. You need to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses as well as determine where you want to be in the future so that you can start your career right.

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