Best Game Design Degree Online Really Worth It

The technology behind video games has immensely evolved over the last couple of decades. Needless to mention, that the video gaming industry has got to taste a significant growth. In the present days, video games are available in variety of formats as such computer programs, consoles, smart apps, and web-based programs. Most of the video game designers are specialized in niche categories of the development of the same. It may include script-work and storyboarding, animation, computer based modeling, quality assurance testing, and coding.   

With the on-growing industry and looking at its future possibilities, many academic pursuers are taking interest in video game design courses. Matter of fact, video game designing is one of the most accepted career options today.

However, for many individuals, scheduling flexibility to follow regular classes on institute campus has become a common issue due to varied circumstances. This drawback should be a problem for becoming a professional game designer for you. Here is the list of best game design degree online really worth it.

Best Game Design Degree Online

When it comes to profession on video game designing, these best online video game design certificate programs may feed your half of the need. Another half is the high tuition fees for the courses. Thus, we have looked into the matter and came to solution with these cheap online game designing course that are worth to spend on.

# Middle Georgia State University

The Middle Georgia State University offers online course for BS in Information Technology with Integrated Digital Media and Gaming Design. The BSIT program comes with 6 different niche of specialization of which the students are given to complete 7 area-targeted courses.

Unlike most of other online bachelor degrees for game design, the institute gives you enough confident with all the industry relevant programs to specialize for this profession. The concentration programs counts from 2D Computer Animation to 3D Modeling and more. You can also choose your desired elective as such Digital Storytelling, Special Topics in Game Design and Digital Media, Computational Intelligence, etc. Thus, it offers one of the cheapest and best game design degree online.

Average Tuition Fee: $8,000/Year

# California State University-Monterey Bay

This institution offers online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Game Development to the students who have completed an associate’s degree or any equivalent course from any recognized school. If your qualification meets the required condition, you are allowed to pursue the bachelor’s program for game design in just two academic years at California State University-Monterey Bay.

As the course is completion program, it doesn’t come with concentration programs officially. On the other hand, if you don’t have associate’s degree you can still pursue the four-year’s version of the course that also provides a track. In a nutshell, you can strategically plan your elective programs to complete a game design degree online at the cheapest rate possible.

Average Tuition Fee: $13,000/Year

# University of Baltimore

The Institute provides a unique opportunity to pursue authorized online video game design certificate programs that are entirely focused on the gaming niche. University of Baltimore also integrates various game-specific concentrations that are not available in any other typical institution of the same genre.

If you are looking for the opportunity to sharpen your skills in 3D Modeling, Art, and Animation, UB’s Technical Art program is the ideal option for you. For bolstering your skills in programming, logic, and scripting, the Development Track and Coding programs are best choice here.

Average Tuition Fee: $15,000/Year

# Lindenwood University

BA in Game Design online is the best program available at Lindenwood University if you have enough knowledge in computer science. In case of you are still to acquire the basic knowledge on Computer, this may not the ideal option for you. However, if video gaming is what you cook in the kitchen and eat on the table, Lindenwood University will definitely spice up your recipe.

They approach with project-oriented teaching and assistance for best game design degree online. While progressing through the very curriculum, the three-year program of Project and Portfolio will enrich your skill of game development and gives your opportunity to publish your own designed games. Adding to that, you will be given a chance to lead team of students which will help you achieve precious leadership experience.

Average Tuition Fee: $17,000/Year

# Davenport University

The Davenport University offers Gaming and Simulation oriented Computer Science course online. Its three video gaming specialized options include Biometrics, Architecture, and Gaming and Simulation of course. Students are later guided on wide range of programs from prototyping and planning to testing and implementing both the 2D and 3D video game designs.

While instituting the prime theories of video game development, the courses also counts in game simulation and modeling. If you are looking for more reasons to join this best design degree online, the course credit that you can earn for other technological certifications related to your current course while pursuing the degree may help making your mind.     

Average Tuition Fee: $18,000/Year

# Liberty University

For the individuals with interest in both the information technology and video game design, Liberty University is an ideal platform to resister on. Liberty University is the single institution in this list of online video game design certificate programs that offers gaming track along with Bachelor of Science in IT.

Most of the useful Information Technology knowledge such as system administrator, web architecture, database management, etc. is acquired throughout the online course that can be your pillar of success in IT industry. Adding to that, the video game concentration surely gets your hands-in with prime concepts of C# programming, digital imaging, and 3D graphics.

Average Tuition Fee: $22,000/Year

Summing Up

Whether you’re looking for the technological or aesthetic side of video game design, these are the most ideal institution offering game design degree online with both high quality and affordable programs. We hope these online video game design certificate programs will guide to grab career opportunities.

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