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    Take It To The Next Level

    It is regularly said that computer games are more like movies than to the amusements of the past. While this is as much a reference to the inexorably practical illustrations and the more intelligent connection between your character and others than whatever else, there is maybe another purpose for it. Previously, computer games “happened” a […] More

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    Strategy Genre Of Video Gaming

    Kind consideration regarding the greater part of the rocker officers, the class of video gaming, procedure is perhaps a superior decision than physically joining the armed force. The majority of methodology diversions are basically on PC as they are solely centered around a muddled UI, which must be refined with large amounts of points of […] More

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    Gamer Myths – Infographic and 10 Facts

    As you can accumulate from around our blog (e.g. ‘Diversions Develop Social Bonds and Communication Skills’, ’11 Educational Games for Social Good’ and ’21st Century Skills and Games Based Learning’), we trust that amusements can complete a mess of good. They can show individuals, mend individuals (see ‘Diversions Based Healing’), energize positive conduct , grant aptitudes […] More

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    Gamification World Championships

    This week I thought I would bring your attention to the inaugural Gammify 2013 Gamification World Championships, which is held on October 13th in San Fransisco. Gamification continues to be big over the past couple of months on our website and this event is definitely worthy of your attention. The Championships are an advanced, professional […] More

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    Games Based Healing

    As you might have gathered from our website title and articles, we believe games are a terrific tool for learning and a great deal of research backs up us. But, there are also amazing ways that games are being designed and used to cure people with different disorders. I’ve selected some of the best stories below. […] More

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    A Way To Modify Your Smart phone In To A Gamepad

    The mobile phone which you use everyday not only work as a device for communicating or internet hunting, if you would like to play a video game (who does not anyway) then you can use your cellular phone to become an alternate gamepad for your PC gaming. There’s a good deal of program your able […] More