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    Gamification with World of Classcraft

    But we’re so impressed with the innovative use of gamification in a school setting, we determined that to do them a little more justice and give them a complete blog post. In world of classcraft (woc), students play as adventurers and the instructor serves as the game master. The students form groups and each pick […] More

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    Gamification Blog: 5 Excellent Articles

    Before this week I came across a site, which is operated by Technology Advice. They have several blog themes, among which is gamification and they have a fantastic choice of articles for you to get your teeth stuck into. I’ve highlighted a couple below which are especially intriguing and introduced them temporarily, merely to whet […] More

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    15 Articles that Show Gamification is Taking Over our World

    Affirm, truly, that title might be a touch of an embellishment and may make gamification  seem like a terrible thing (and some of these articles will take a gander at why that could be valid). In any case, the point of this article, is to demonstrate the expansive range of employments (and misuse) of gamification […] More

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    12 Apps to Gamify All Aspects of Your Life

    This is a rundown of applications which gamify distinctive parts of individuals’ lives. The ways they do this are intriguing and differed. From urging kids to assist around the house by it enabling them to win rewards and step up their RPG character, to persuading you to go to the rec center with the final […] More

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    10 Tips on Getting Buy-in for Games Based Learning

    I was as of late engaged with a Linked-in discourse, debating “How would you position diversions for learning inside your association?” I figured I would share my contemplations on my new blog. So here goes… My ten hints: What’s in a name: We don’t just call them amusements, we utilize the term learning reenactments or […] More

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    Gamification World Championships

    This week I thought I would bring your attention to the inaugural Gammify 2013 Gamification World Championships, which is held on October 13th in San Fransisco. Gamification continues to be big over the past couple of months on our website and this event is definitely worthy of your attention. The Championships are an advanced, professional […] More

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    Badges, Gamification, Employment & Lifelong Learning

      We regularly discuss gamification and have even won a honor for doing as such . In any case, we (and numerous others) for the most part discuss how identifications are drawing in and spurring for the student or even how they can basically pressure individuals to do things that an association/singular needs (e.g. great […] More