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    Gamification – Different Types of User

    I was recently pointed at the direction of an post from Andrzej Marczewski, ‘Different kinds of Users in Gamification’. Andrzej constructed on Richard Bartle’s player type concept. To read Bartle’s complete concept, click here. Andrzej notes that the major distinction between game players and consumers of gamified content is they may not want to ‘play […] More

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    Gamer Myths – Infographic and 10 Facts

    As you can accumulate from around our blog (e.g. ‘Diversions Develop Social Bonds and Communication Skills’, ’11 Educational Games for Social Good’ and ’21st Century Skills and Games Based Learning’), we trust that amusements can complete a mess of good. They can show individuals, mend individuals (see ‘Diversions Based Healing’), energize positive conduct , grant aptitudes […] More

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    Gamification in Education

    I wanted to discuss this infographic with you this week, which provides a fantastic overview of what gamification is all about.  ‘Gamifying the Classroom: 10 Inspiring Articles’. Well since then I’ve come across a lot more interesting bits of reading about gamification and games based learning in education. As gamification is this a hot topic […] More

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    Digital Games in the Classroom

    “Almost 70 percent of teachers reported that lower-performing pupils engage more with topic content using electronic games, while three-fifths reported increased focus on certain tasks and enhanced collaborations among all pupils. Teachers said games make it much easier to teach a selection of students in their classroom. Sixty percent said that using electronic games helps […] More