Academic Camp to Teach Teens Game Design

This news story has caught my attention this week. This innovative, 21st century teaching is inspirational and it’ll be extremely interesting to discover how it goes. I need more of this occurred in the UK (see my case study on Code Club, to find out what there is to offer in the UK).

Teen pupils in Idaho will have the chance to take part in an online camp in sport design/programming from March. The Idaho Teen Game Lab  (ITGL)is meant for men and women that are interested in a career in electronic gaming and computer programming. It’s open to 200 middle and high school students throughout the state of Idaho.

ITGL is a six week, online camp which teaches digital game design and allows for career exploration in this field. Pupils level up by playing educational “quests” within Gamemaker Studio, Sploder, Unity, Minecraft and experience maps at their own speed. Students will have the ability to collaborate in virtual worlds to plan and build cultures, create personalized games and test and supply feedback on fellow-developers games.

“In Idaho Digital Learning, we’re always trying to find innovative ways to enhance learning opportunities for Idaho Students. Idaho Teen Game Lab provides a rich learning experience that promotes creativity, cooperation, communication and critical thinking that are essential skills in todays work environment. We’re really excited about our partnership with GoGo Labs and have enjoyed working together on this project” said Mike Caldwell, Idaho Digital Learning Director of Program Development.

“Ninety-nine percent of teenagers play video games. We are excited to be working with IDLA to bring this chance to Idaho teens” stated Lisa Dawley, GoGo Labs CEO & Founder.


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