15 Articles that Show Gamification is Taking Over our World

Affirm, truly, that title might be a touch of an embellishment and may make gamification  seem like a terrible thing (and some of these articles will take a gander at why that could be valid). In any case, the point of this article, is to demonstrate the expansive range of employments (and misuse) of gamification , from instruction and preparing, to business, social insurance and that’s just the beginning.

Gamification of Learning: Education and Training

Diversion On? The Use of Gamification in E-Learning

What Critics Don’t Understand about Gamified Education

Gamificatnon to Encourage Learner Autonomy

How Gamification Results in 21st Century Learning

NSA Gamifies Surveillance Training: Ethical or Questionable?

Gamification of Business

Gamification is the Best Way to Engage Consumers Say Experts

5 Gamification Lessons from J.C. Penney’s Sales Failure

Playing to Win: Mobile Gamification Done Right

The Future of Loyalty is in Big Data and Gamification.

Past the Hype: 5 Ways That Big Companies are Using Gamification.

Gamification of Healthcare

The Game Changer: Gaming in Healthcare

Something to think about: Is Gamification Viable for Rewarding Blood Donations?

Mind Training Video Games May Help Reverse Cognitive Decline in Old Age

Gamification of Making the World a Better Place

The Future of Gamification Lies in Civic Engagement

Top 10 Social Gamification Examples that will Literally Save the World.

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